Updated 2019-11-07

It’s easy to use GitLab for Salesforce.com development, and I maintain this page as a collection of all the resources associated with the integration.


On September 5, 2019, we gave a joint webinar with Claire Bianchi and Doug Ayers from the Salesforce team. Watch the video for a complete summary and demo of how to use GitLab in your Salesforce.com development.

Also, we ran an amazing joint presentation with Salesforce at the 2019 TrailheaDX conference, including Mayank Tahilramani from GitLab’s own Alliances group.

Security Scanning

GitLab’s Static Application Security Testing (SAST) supports Salesforce’s APEX langauge now - it’s available at the Ultimate or Gold tiers of GitLab. Here’s a great video explaining how and why to use the security scanning.


It’s easy to associate your GitLab.com account with your Salesforce.com accounts - just use the Salesforce signin option.

The same is possible with a self-managed GitLab instance - check out the documentation.

To start with hands-on development, consult the following resources:

  • The SFDX Project Template is a great place to start, especially for Salesforce developers with Git and GitLab experience.
  • It uses the SFDX CI/CD Template which can be used directly or copied for maximum flexibility.
  • Here’s the CI/CD YAML itself! Thanks to who literally worked side-by-side with me to get this done.

The integration resulted from a fantastic collaboration with the team at Salesforce.com - two great companies working together to make life better for developers worldwide. For a great intro to the whole project, watch the TrailheaDX “supersession” video from about 17:54 to about 28:44 where the amazing does an amazing job promoting GitLab!

Also note that there is a Trailhead module, but be warned – We made the Trailhead before finishing the templates, and it follows an older and more complex workflow.