A brief summary of the known differences between self-managed GitLab and GitLab.com.

Item Self-Managed GitLab.com
SAML SSO for Groups N/A YES
Repo size Customer controls Hard 10G limit including container registry, LFS, etc
LFS storage Customer specified GitLab controls
Jira integration Instance or Project level? Project level only
Slack integration Slack Slash Commands; Slack Notifications Slack App; Slack Notifications
Custom Git Hooks YES NO
Prometheus Monitoring on non-K8S Environments YES NO
Advanced Global Search YES NO
WebIDE Interactive Terminals YES NO
Firewall IP whitelisting YES Have to allow the entire GCP block

Some facts about GitLab.com:

  • 3.5 Million Users
  • ~4,000 requests per second over https
  • 8.4 Million Repos
  • A little over 3 PB total storage, of which:
    • ~500 TB of git and application storage
    • 1 PB of Object Storage