Many important Issues are in flight in the GitLab world, and sometimes it’s handy to have an index of interesting ones - for quickly sending links to customers and colleagues, or checking on status.

Issue Milestone Thoughts
Improve AWS installation documentation 12.2
Reference architecture - 50K users
SAML Group sync
Auth/Auth SCIM Okta 12.3 Not clear it includes user provisioning
Allow listing direct members only in group members page Backlog
Investigate optionally ignoring membership inheritance for subgroups 12.3
Override group permission per project -
Add teams that represent a set of users 12.7
Sorting projects - Persist last choice
Jenkins importer 12.5
Salesforce Integration
SFDX CI template 12.2
SFDX Project Template Probably should get the CI template going first
Access controls for Pages on
Enable Pages access control Why is this still open?
CI for external repos can’t do only/except: merge_requests 12.2 Everything is treated as a push because it’s based on mirroring
Group level required CI jobs (group level required include:) It’s working at the instance level; would be great at the group level
Allow runners to push via their CI token -
Project Templates
Document how to vendor Project Templates
Rails template fails to deploy with AutoDevOps 12.2
Custom group-level templates are not accessible for users with ‘Developer’ role 12.3
[Group] Custom Project Templates are not accessible when creating a new project Group templates have completely disappeared
Create AWS EKS cluster from GitLab 12.2
Editing controls
Incorrect error message when creating new branch from Web IDE with restricted name -
add some wysiwyg to the markdown editor inside of gitlab - Douwe’s side project
Make it possible to view rendered html -
Implementation: Add-on Storage for -
Update Pricing and Packaging to support Group Based Pricing -
Plan Stage
Open Issues via direct HTML links with parameters -